Helldivers 2 fixes 'pesky bug' that made players' Super Credits disappear

In-game screenshot of Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Sony/PlayStation)

Arrowhead Game Studios has fixed a Helldivers 2 bug that was making purchased Super Credits go missing.

In a new update posted to the game's official Discord server, the developer confirmed that the previously ongoing issue surrounding Super Credits disappearing from player's profiles has finally been resolved. 

The "pesky bug" was present on both PC and PlayStation 5, with some players reporting that they'd already had a set amount of Super Credits on their account but after buying the $10 (£9.99) Premium Warbond pack, their balance appeared as zero.

"As many of you know, there´s been a (great disturbance in the force) pesky bug crawling around in our systems where super credits you bought went missing - or rather didn´t show," Arrowhead said. "We're happy to report that said bug now has been hunted down and firmly stepped on. The sound it let out resembled that of (millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced) a squeaking barn door."

Thankfully, with patch 1.000.13, players can now log in to the game and find their missing Super Credits will now show up after purchase or collection.

"This applies to those of you who had super credits which then seemed to vanish. It mostly also applies to PS5 users. There are still some that will have remaining credit issues, but this should fix most of them (and definitely the 'bought it, then it disappeared' bug). Please restart your systems and you should be good to go."

Helldivers 2 launched earlier this month and has achieved massive success, although the game's popularity initially resulted in a ton of server issues. As of February 23, Arrowhead confirmed it had increased the concurrent player cap to 700,000 to account for the overwhelming amount of players trying to get into the game, and this was later boosted to 800,000.

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