Dragon's Dogma 2 post-launch updates will add performance options on console, and the ability to overwrite your save with a new game

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Some much-needed quality-of-life updates are coming to Dragon's Dogma 2, including the simple ability to just start a new game.

The official Dragon's Dogma X account (formerly known as Twitter) posted a graphic featuring information about updates coming to the game "in the near future." Most are intended for all platforms Dragon's Dogma 2 is available on, but some are targeted specifically at either console or PC versions of the game.

The most welcome of these sits right at the top of the graphic and says that an "option to start a new game when save data already exists" is coming soon. As Dragon's Dogma 2 currently only has a single save file available, players are unable to erase progress in-game or make a new playthrough.

More performance options are coming to the console versions of Dragon's Dogma 2 as well. These include the ability to toggle ray tracing and motion blur for improved performance, as well as an option to lock the framerate to 30fps for what's likely to be a more stable experience. As of right now, the game's framerate is unlocked, which can make for rather inconsistent performance overall.

Other welcome changes include the ability to purchase more 'Art of Metamorphosis' (the book required to change your Arisen's or Main Pawn's appearance) from the relevant vendor, and making a quest that lets you buy a house available earlier than it currently is.

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Better late than never?

It's fair to say that many of these quality-of-life updates probably should've been in the game from day one. Aside from bug fixes that we'd expect the developer to be reactive to post-launch, what's listed here is all stuff that seems like an oversight. 

Maybe there could've been some complications with letting players erase their progress - as the game is constantly auto-saving and has to account for the status of hundreds of NPCs - but performance options on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S absolutely should have made it to launch given the game's inconsistent framerate.

We've no idea when these updates will land in Dragon's Dogma 2 just yet, nor do we know if they'll all arrive at once. At the very least, we can expect them sometime soon and it's good to know Capcom is addressing some of the game's most pressing complaints.

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