Arkham Knight is getting a brand new suit based on Robert Pattinson's The Batman

Pattinson's The Batman standing in front of the moon
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The critically acclaimed action-adventure game Batman: Arkham Knight is getting a new update very soon. 

The new suit will be available on Nintendo Switch first on December 1 once Batman: Arkham Trilogy officially launches on the handheld console. After this, players can enjoy the iconic suit from Robert Pattinson's The Batman for free while galivanting around Arkham Knight and beating up bad guys. The suit will then become available on other platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC at a later date. Unfortunately, as of yet, there is no indication as to when this may be. 

In a tweet by Nintendo of America, the good news was announced alongside a short trailer that lasted just over a minute. This video showed off every fantastic corner of Arkham Knight, including Mark Hamill's iconic Joker and the dreary and dark city of Gotham. 

Nintendo of America's tweet also contained information on pre-orders. If you're a die-hard fan of the Arkham Trilogy, you can purchase it for $59.99/ £49.99 at the Nintendo Store. This will get you all three Arkham games, DLC, and the newest suit all in one go. 

While it's amazing to see this iconic series come to Nintendo, this and the reveal of a new suit haven't come out of the blue. A few months ago, in late October, Robert Pattinson's Batman suit unexpectedly appeared in Epic Games' store. While this isn't the first update or new content the eight-year-old game has received, the addition was still surprising as Arkham Knight hasn't received anything extra for a few years now. However, any signs of life on an iconic yet aging game is still brilliant news, especially with it coming to a new platform in a few days. 

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