2XKO is the official name of Project L - the League of Legends fighting game

Project L
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Riot's upcoming free-to-play fighting game has finally had its official title revealed; it'll be known as 2XKO.

Formerly known simply as Project L, the upcoming game had its proper name revealed in a brief, minute-long trailer posted to its official YouTube channel. The trailer also gave us a first in-game look at champion Illaoi, who was previously revealed through screenshots and concept art.

In a follow-up video, 2XKO executive producer Tom Cannon catches fans up on the state of the project and confirms the team is aiming for a 2025 release window. Furthermore, he stresses that there will be much more news on the project throughout this year, which may include "at-home playtesting." You can even register your interest for said play tests over at the game's official website.

Cannon further confirms that a 2XKO demo will be playable at EVO Japan happening in April, and hints that there will likely be more to follow. While it was still known as Project L, it was also playable at last year's EVO event in Las Vegas, so there's every chance it'll appear at this year's tournament, too.

Fan response to the reveal has been rather mixed, though. While most agree that 2XKO looks incredibly fun and stylish, many are caught up in the somewhat awkward naming convention.

"Final name is a bit awkward though. Feels more like a subtitle?" says one user on Twitter / X. Others are stating they feel it's a worse name than Project L. We have to wonder if Riot will reconsider the name if there's enough feedback pushing against it. As it stands, though, 2XKO seems like it's pretty set in stone.

2XKO will launch sometime in 2025 and will be free-to-play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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