Charming indie Dave the Diver receives huge quality of life update

Dave the Diver under the sea swimming through a coral reef
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Dave the Diver, a deep-sea adventure RPG that rapidly became one of the best indie games of the year when it launched in June, has received a huge quality-of-life update that targets accessibility, alongside numerous bug fixes to improve the content of the game for all players. 

As detailed in a Steam news post, various improvements have been made to the game, including system optimization for low-spec PCs, as well as the reduction of overall build and patch size. The sound quality has also been improved, alongside the text quality for French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese language options. 

In addition to this, a new inventory sorting function has been added, so you’ll be able to manage your resources easier than ever, and the UI size has been readjusted to suit both PC users and those who are playing on Steam Deck. For players on PC using a controller, the base settings will also automatically detect which controller is connected and display the corresponding buttons for in-game events, and, to make things even easier, your controller type can also be selected before diving in. The cursor will also no longer be visible to those who are playing with a controller.

But, most notably, quick-time events (QTEs) have been targeted and are now an automated process completed by pushing one button. With one press, the interaction gauge will automatically charge instead of having to rely on button-mashing, but for those who prefer the older style of QTEs, you can turn this function on or off in the settings menu. 

Outside of these significant quality-of-life updates, in-game elements such as the Sushi Restaurant operation costs and employee wages have been balanced, Diamond & Platinum rank operation costs have been reduced, a few weapons have been balanced, and numerous bugs have been targeted and resolved for a generally better experience. 

The full patch notes can be found on the Dave the Diver Steam blog, but do contain spoilers for certain in-game events and chapters. This means that, if you’re still making your way through the game, you might want to just go with the flow and see what’s occurring before delving into the update's finer details.

Dave the Diver is an incredibly charming adventure RPG, but our list of the best RPGs might highlight some alternative adventures for you to sink into. But, if you were looking for a title to share with friends, the best co-op games might be in your best interest. 

Kara Phillips
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