Capcom's latest earning report hints at another 'major' release for 2024

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Capcom's latest earnings report has revealed more than just how well the publisher has done in the last financial year. 

Capcom has had a terrific year in 2023, launching some fantastic games. There's been the survival horror title Resident Evil 4 remake, the multiplayer third-person shooter Exoprimal, and of course the superb fighting game Street Fighter 6. Thankfully, it looks like the publisher isn't prepared to take a break anytime soon.

In the Japanese Q&A section towards the bottom of Capcom's financial report, there are some hints as to what fans can expect in the upcoming few months. In response to a question concerning the company's full-year new title sales plan, a representative points towards the release of Gyakuten Saiban 456 Odouki Selection (that's the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy) "in addition to currently unannounced major titles", as part of a plan to expand sales.  

There are numerous franchises that could benefit from new titles. You have Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and a personal favorite, Ace Attorney. However, there is no more information as of yet concerning what new title could pop up before March 2024. 

When asked about information concerning releases related to the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series, all a representative could say was that "there is nothing to report at this time". 

The Q&A also goes on to cover the introduction of games to the iPhone 15 as well as the Steam Deck, and how it has affected the publisher. "This is part of our company's basic multi-platform strategy. We aim to maximize the number of users by supporting a variety of hardware", a representative said. "There will not be a major impact (on PC sales thanks to Steam Deck). We will continue to promote pricing measures and aim to expand sales globally."

It seems that an impressive year for Capcom isn't enough, as the company is clearly gearing up to take 2024 by storm. 

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