What moment will you capture with HONOR’s new AI-assisted smartphone camera?

A basketball player mid-air, about to make a dunk, filmed by an HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone
(Image credit: HONOR)

Have you ever missed an amazing moment on your phone, or just felt let down by the timing of your shot? Well, artificial intelligence could have a surprising answer for you – as seen in the soon-to-be-launched HONOR Magic5 Pro. Its new AI capability helped capture this incredible image of a Guinness World Record being set on the basketball court. And that’s without any photographer behind the lens. So imagine what it could do for your own shots? 

Now we can’t claim to break a world record like this basketball player, but soon we’ll be taking some impossible shots of our own. So what can we expect from the HONOR Magic5 Pro when it launches at MWC later this month?

First, let’s recall HONOR’s Magic3 Series, launched globally in 2021, when it first touted the HONOR Image Engine, which was able to enhance picture quality and improve sharpness by up to 180 per cent, preserving image details and dynamic range. This AI-based computational method was developed even further with the Magic4 Series, which used an ultra-fusion algorithm and colour engine to intelligently fuse images captured from multiple lenses for stunning colour definition and detail. 

Over at major brands like Samsung and Google, the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro have created ‘thinking devices’ that empower people to take their photography to the next level with a high-megapixel camera. And now it feels like HONOR is taking this a step further. 

By harnessing the processing power of our smartphones, AI already has the capability to automatically adjust hundreds of settings, retouch images on the fly, replicate optical zoom and depth of field effects – and that’s just the start. The HONOR Magic5 Pro will unlock your camera’s potential without the need for professional equipment, and with an easy and accessible user experience.

One of the big problems with AI until now has been how to frame the perfect shot while achieving all those beautiful details. With the upcoming Magic5 Pro, you can capture the moments that matter. So maybe that’s the once in a lifetime smile of a graduation ceremony or sporting triumph. 

Basketball player mid-air, about to make a dunk

(Image credit: HONOR)

With this latest Guinness World Record shot by HONOR’s AI capability, you can see how the Magic5 Pro was set up on the tripod – automatically capturing the mid-leap of the basketball player. Not only does the image have vivid and sharp details, but the timing is exceptional. We’ll find out exactly how this works under the hood at MWC – but for now, it’s worth pondering whether it’ll be you or the AI that scoops the prize for best photography. 

For live sports and events where visual noise and constant motion make it near impossible for a photographer to take the perfect shot, AI-assisted smartphones may prove to be a revolutionary new development – empowering people to feel like a pro, while retaining the easy-to-use, point-and-shoot nature of smartphone cameras. 

To find out more, watch this space – as we share more about the Magic5 Pro, HONOR’s latest flagship AI-assisted smartphone, when it launches at MWC 2023 in Barcelona. And see the whole incredible lineup of breakthrough technologies from HONOR coming 27 February.

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