Best places to hire employees: the top countries for a remote workforce

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Remote working has had a big couple of years thanks to the pandemic, and it was already gaining in popularity before the pandemic – because, for lots of people, it’s preferable and more productive.

The surge in people willing to work remotely means that companies don’t have to find as many employees locally – and that’s a boon for everyone involved. It means that applicants have a wider choice of jobs, and it allows businesses to hire from a wider pool of talented staff without as many geographical restrictions.

If you want to hire remote workers, then the whole world is potentially an option, but that can be daunting with so many applicants from so many countries and many cultural factors to consider.

That’s where we come in. We’ve highlighted eleven of the best countries for hiring remotely, no matter the industry – so read on and gain some valuable insight. We’ve also rounded up our pick of the ten best US job sites, and examined the trends you’ll see in the job market in 2022

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There’s a lot to like about Switzerland. If we examine the central European country from a quality-of-life perspective, it’s almost always at the top of international rankings. And no wonder: the country boasts a fantastic location, low crime rates, clean cities, and an education system that is both affordable and world-class.

The technology, banking, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries dominate the Swiss economy, and the superb education system, significant foreign investment, and impressive quality of life mean that you’ll find no shortage of talented staff members if you want to hire remotely.

Indeed, the country is the envy of many others when it comes to educational standards and quality of life. If you get applications from Switzerland, give them serious consideration.


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Singapore regularly ranks highly among Asian countries for technological talent, and it’s one of the most globalized countries in the world – so it means you’ll find plenty of multilingual staff members with top-notch skills if you need to hire remote staff.

The country is regularly highlighted as one of the world’s most business-friendly states, and Singapore boasts a forward-thinking economy and transparent legal system that makes it easier to hire staff with the proper frameworks and compliance systems in place. The country’s education and healthcare systems both impress, too.

Singapore is a great place to live and to do business, so you’ll have absolutely no problem finding talented staff to work remotely – and it’s relatively easy to get the hiring process started, too.

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Canada’s proximity to America and its English-speaking population makes it a consistently solid choice for hiring employees remotely. If you work for an American or British company then you won’t have to overcome a language barrier, and Canadian employees will likely already be familiar with the working methods and customs of companies in other English-speaking countries.

Combine this with Canada’s good education and healthcare systems and its impressive quality of life and you’ve got a country that’s always worth considering if you want to hire remote staff while removing some risk from the process.


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The IMD Business School produces an annual World Talent Ranking, which finds out which countries have the best staff – an essential consideration if you’re hiring a remote workforce.

Switzerland regularly tops the list, but Denmark is never far behind. Great educational standards and an excellent work-life balance mean that you can hire talented, well-adjusted staff in Denmark, and the country’s economy is forward-thinking, with lots of environmentally-friendly businesses in all manner of industries.

As with many European countries, Denmark is a well-balanced choice, with impressive education, a great quality of life, and staff who work in a range of industries.


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It’s one of the biggest countries in the world with one of the fastest-growing economies, so it’s no surprise that India is a top destination for hiring remote workers.

India has vast technology and financial industries that are growing at a faster rate than equivalent industries in other countries, so you’ll easily find workers who are ambitious, quick to learn and experienced with the latest technologies and trends.

It helps, too, that the country’s average population is lower than many other nations – you’ll be able to hire staff who are eager to succeed and better able to adapt to new situations.


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This European powerhouse regularly ranks highly in international surveys of educational and economic success, and the country has a superb quality of life. Combine those factors and you’ve got a country where you’ll have no trouble finding top-quality talent to work remotely.

The German economy is dominated by the electrical, automotive, chemical, and manufacturing sectors, so that’s a boon if you want to hire in those areas. Many German people speak multiple languages, and its central European location means many companies will have fewer issues with time zones and travel.


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Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest countries, and its economy is growing at a faster rate than most other nations. That’s largely thanks to the rapid growth in the technology industry, and it’s bolstered by a young, ambitious population and a selection of superb universities.

Combine the young, educated populace with a tech-heavy economy and you’ll have a good time if you want to hire remote workers who are talented, hard-working and eager to succeed. Bear in mind, though, that you might have less success if you don’t want to hire in the tech industry.


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This Antipodean island is a renowned option for people who want to escape their dreary home countries and live in a more enjoyable place. And no wonder: the country has spectacular weather, great beaches, and high salaries.

The Australian economy is varied, it’s one of the largest in the world, and businesses will benefit from the country’s lack of economic red tape and the relatively low barriers to entry. Australia will provide talented, happy staff in a range of industries, so it’s a great option for finding remote workers.


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This country follows the blueprint set out by many other fast-growing economies, with an expanding technology sector driven by a young, talented workforce. If you want to hire programmers, developers, or tech support staff, you’ll find plenty of options here.

The Philippines has good education and an English-speaking populace, too. Its strong European links mean that it has many legal frameworks similar to the ones you’ll find in Spain and the UK, so it’s easier to set up your staff and business operations in the country.


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Austria is a similar proposition to many other European countries, with a growing economy, a talented workforce, and a large proportion of the population with a great command of English. And, with a strong social safety net and free health insurance, it means that staff and families in the country tend to have a great quality of life – which makes them better workers for your business.

In terms of industry, Austria excels when it comes to the manufacturing, chemical, automotive and luxury goods sectors, so the country is worth considering if that’s your line of work. 

Kiev Daytime

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Ukraine is one of the best European countries when it comes to hiring remote employees for several important reasons.

The country has a young, motivated workforce with impressive skills in several key industries – notably IT, marketing, and design – and excellent education systems mean that Ukrainian people tend to have very good English skills, so they can easily slot into your business. Indeed, it's not unusual for people in Ukraine to speak several different languages to a high standard.

Ukraine is a superb choice if you need to hire staff, but don't just stop at this particular country either: many other Balkan states, like Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, exhibit similar traits, and so they're also worth considering if you need to hire remote staff.


Spain is one of the best countries globally for hiring remote workers – and with good reason. The country has an excellent infrastructure, with modern cities with co-working spaces and fast, reliable internet connections, and the country’s healthcare system is affordable and well-established. If you’re hiring staff from places like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia, you should be confident that they’ll get the job done to a high standard.

Spain’s modern, well-equipped cities are a great start for anyone on the hunt for remote workers: you want staff members who will be looked after if they’re sick, and you need employees with reliable internet access.

Look beyond those key attributes and there’s still plenty to like about Spain. The Mediterranean lifestyle is renowned for its relaxed and positive outlook, and staff in Spain will bring that easy-going attitude to the workplace.

The cost of living is relatively low compared to many other major European countries. The Spanish government provides digital nomad visas to plenty of remote workers, so you’ll likely have few bureaucratic headaches when dealing with paperwork. And, as Spain is in the EU, it makes living, working and trading in the country a lot easier. Combine all of these factors and you’ve got a recipe for country that’s packed with a broad, talented pool of likely remote workers.

Spanish is one of the world’s most popular languages, so you’ll especially benefit if you need to hire remote workers with Spanish fluency, and loads of people also speak English too.

If you’d like to hire remote workers, Spain is a fantastic choice: the cost of living and infrastructure are impressive, and the lifestyle keeps people happy and attracts plenty of talent. And, if you’re interested in hiring from anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula, consider Portugal too – it benefits from many of the same factors as Spain, and so it’s another top choice for remote staff. 

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