Our top-rated gaming monitor is reduced to its cheapest price in over a year

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Thinking about upgrading your gaming setup? You'll want to check out this trio of Samsung gaming monitors are currently on sale at Amazon, including the best price we've seen for one of our highest-rated displays in over a year.

That highlight gaming monitor deal is this 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 for £499 (was £599.99). It's the cheapest price we've seen since 2021 for the curved QLED screen that supports HDR and G-Sync - and it's just £30 more than that record low from last July.

This deal stands out above the rest as the Samsung Odyssey G7 features on our list of the best gaming monitors. It boasts a high 240Hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution - a rare combo in a high-end display as you'd usually have to choose between one or the other. That makes it a good pick for any who jumps between multiple game genres as you'll see the benefits in responsive shooters as well as graphically-advanced open-world RPGs.

Today's best Samsung Odyssey G7 deal

32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7: £599.99

32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7: £599.99 £499 at Amazon
Save £101
– This high-end Samsung Odyssey G7 curved QLED gaming monitor has only been cheaper than this once before - and that was only by £30 over a year ago. Today's deal is a great price for the display that does it all, with a high 240Hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution support. With HDR and G-Sync compatibility, too, you get a top-quality and responsive image no matter what you play.

That's not the only gaming monitor on sale right now, though. There are some cheaper options that better suit the more mid-range and budget-conscious but still have some high-end features.

For example, there's the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 for £279 (was £349.99). That's the lowest price ever for this 144Hz, 1440p curved gaming monitor with Freesync and HDR10. It's a good value for money with those features that will ensure a high-quality image and a responsive display.

Lastly, there's the cheapest option: the 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G3 for £159 (was £249.99). This also sports a 144Hz refresh rate but only supports resolutions up to 1080p. That's not a problem, though, if you've got a lower-spec gaming rig and only need a full HD display. Again, this is the lowest price ever and the first discount it's received since April at Amazon, making it one of the best cheap gaming monitor deals available today.

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More Samsung gaming monitor deals

32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5: £349.99

32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5: £349.99 £279 at Amazon
Save £71
– The Odyssey G5 is a solid choice for a mid-range gaming monitor and it's now available for its lowest ever price. You lose some advanced features compared to the G7, but this display still has a fast 144Hz refresh rate, supports 1440p and is Freesync compatible. Overall, it's a good option for most games.

27-inch Samsung Odyssey G3: £249.99

27-inch Samsung Odyssey G3: £249.99 £159 at Amazon
Save £91
– Those on a budget but still want an excellent deal on a full HD gaming monitor should consider this Samsung Odyssey G3 now it's down to its cheapest price at Amazon. It may only be a 1080p display, but you do get the 144Hz refresh rate for smooth and responsive gaming.

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