Convert your smartphone into a PC in seconds with this tiny docking station

Baseus GN 18D
Baseus GN 18D (Image credit: Future)

The Baseus Samsung Dex Station unlocks your smartphone’s full potential by expanding its connectivity to several ports simultaneously. It includes three USB 3.0 ports, SD and MicroSD card slots, a 3.5mm audio jack, 4K HDMI, and even a USB-C charging port. It’s the ultimate docking station for your smartphone, and allows for speedy data transmission, PD charging at 49W, and a lot more.

As an exclusive deal for TechRadar Pro readers, the Baseus Dex Station now retails for $59.99 on Amazon with a further discount using the exclusive discount code ZCTFD45D until November 25. 

Baseus Samsung Dex Station: $59.99 on Amazon

Baseus Samsung Dex Station: $59.99 on Amazon
If you’ve never thought of all the benefits of a docking station for your smartphone, you probably haven’t seen the endless possibilities of the things you can do. This versatile docking station will have you adding it to your wish list in no time. 

Why is this a great deal?

Apart from charging your Samsung smartphone via its 49W PD USB C Charging Port, this convenient docking station also lets you connect up to three external devices simultaneously with its USB 3.0 ports so you can easily transfer or scan through files on your phone. If you want a much bigger screen, the HDMI port lets you mirror or extend your display on any HDTV or monitor with 4K resolution. 

This all-in-one solution is all you need for all your business and personal needs whether you’re watching a 4K live-action movie, preparing your spreadsheets, managing your tasks, or going to your meetings all on your phone. It also lets you store your files easily between your device and an SD and/or a TF memory card.

Its compact design makes it easy to take your Baseus Samsung Dex Station virtually anywhere you need the convenience to be present. It’s your ultimate tool in transforming your Samsung smartphone into a desktop that has everything you need for your business. It’s smart and savvy, and it’s perfect for any smartphone that is USB-C compatible.

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