This Halo Infinite Needler deal will make you feel like Master Chief this Black Friday

Halo Infinite Nerf Needler on green background
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Unfortunately, you're never going to be Halo's Master Chief (sorry to break it to you). But this Black Friday Nerf deal from Amazon will certainly make you feel like the Spartan commando.

Right now you can pick up a Nerf Halo Needler Dart-Firing Blaster (with light-up needles might I add) for less than $70 at Amazon as part of Black Friday deals (Not in the US? Scroll down for the best prices in your region). 

This blaster replica comes with a 10-dart rotating drum and 10 Nerf Elite darts, meaning you can fire 10 darts in a row. But while this Nerf gun is fully functional, it also comes with a display stand and mode in case you would rather marvel at its beauty than use it for its purpose. 

Today's best Nerf Halo Infinite Needler deal

Nerf Halo Needler Dart-Firing Blaster: $99.99 now $69.49 at Amazon
Save 31% -

Nerf Halo Needler Dart-Firing Blaster: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">was $99.99 now $69.49 at Amazon
Save 31% -
Whether you want to nerf others with it or to have it as a display item, this Nerf Needler gun is perfect for the Halo fan in yourself (or for yourself). The $30 discount certainly makes it more enticing than ever.

In addition to simply looking awesome (even the premium packaging it comes in looks badass), the Nerf Needler also comes with a game card that gives you access to in-game content for Halo Infinite

In other words, this is a great gift for the Halo fan in your life (or as an early Christmas present for yourself). Just try not to lose the darts in the first 30 minutes of its arrival, ok? 

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