Top 10 FWaaS providers of 2024

For years, firewalls have been pivotal in the defense mechanisms of businesses worldwide. Without it, networks are more exposed to malicious malware and unexpected onslaughts from cyber criminals. Firewalls actively regulate incoming and outgoing network traffic, ensuring the safety of networks and the confidential data and IT frameworks within them.

As cloud solutions continued to evolve, cloud-based security services had to follow their lead and this is how firewall as a service (FWaaS) came into existence. In short, FWaaS took the last stage of firewall evolution - the next-generation firewall (NGFW) - and moved it from a physical device to the cloud.

FWaaS offers an enhanced level of security for modern IT environments, enabling the extended capabilities of NGFW and UTM solutions. By using a centralized FWaaS solution, organizations can achieve reliable, scalable protection for their geographically dispersed users, cloud applications, and on-site network resources.

There are plenty of benefits of employing FWaaS in your systems in place of an old-fashioned firewall and some of them are simplicity, superior scalability, improved visibility and control, protection of remote workers, and cost-effectiveness.

However, before starting with an FWaaS solution, you’ll first have to check its providers.

Best FWaaS provider overall

Perimeter 81

(Image credit: Perimeter 81)

1. Perimeter 81

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Founded in 2018, Perimeter 81 is an Israel-based cloud and network security company whose star solution is an FWaaS that’s built on zero-trust architecture as an alternative to legacy VPNs and firewalls. 

Perimeter 81's FWaaS is incredibly powerful, enabling you to manage multiple networks as opposed to just one like most firewalls. Thus, it is an ideal choice for larger companies with substantial resources. Nevertheless, small businesses can take advantage of this solution too - with its starting price of $8/month and 5 users, it has all the features you'd need to ensure your security. With no installation fees and a flexible cancellation policy, you don't have to worry about any unexpected costs either. Plus, unlimited network tunnels come with every plan - and if you need more users, you can just add them.

When you upgrade to a more pricey plan, Perimeter 81 unlocks powerful features like always-on VPN, WireGuard protocol, and DNS filtering, boosting your security measures. Boasting split tunneling and Private DNS, Perimeter 81 is the go-to FWaaS provider with no real drawbacks. Sure, it's not free, but the prices are still quite reasonable. Plus, a free demo is available to trial Perimeter 81 before you commit, and the whole shebang is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best feature-rich FWaaS provider


(Image credit: Cisco)

2. Cisco

As a leader in computing networking and security solutions, Cisco's Cloud-Delivered Firewall (FWaaS) offers an extra layer of protection with its diverse collection of first-line defense tools available over the internet. This security solution grants visibility into your network’s traffic and user activity, blocking potential threats and suspicious activity as needed.

Cisco Secure Firewall is your go-to for high-end protection, with features like DDoS mitigation, sandboxing settings, and Cisco Secure IPS and Cisco Secure Endpoint to quickly identify and counteract advanced threats. 

It also comes with integrated management, application control, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and malware protection policies. Cisco Firepower NGFW offers comprehensive reports on any suspicious packets that pass through too.

The pricing is not available on the website, but by contacting the company you can get a free trial and the pricing for your desired functionality.

Best easy to use FWaaS provider


(Image credit: SecurityHQ)

3. SecurityHQ Managed Firewall

Headquartered in London (the UK), SecurityHQ is a global managed security service provider that offers enterprise-level security solutions, invaluable insights, skilled staff, and process capabilities to support your business and reduce the risk of security costs.

SecurityHQ's FWaaS product is perfect for users who aren't particularly tech-savvy, providing them with a fully-managed firewall service so that their network administrators won't have a hard time. Not only is this service budget-friendly, but it also features 24/7 threat monitoring, ensuring that security levels remain optimal all the time. 

You also get the added benefit of automated threat containment and firewall optimization, all this, without having to lift a finger. With SecurityHQ Managed Firewall, you'll have all the features of Perimeter 81 minus the hefty price tag.

Since there’s no price list or plan schedule, you’ll have to contact SecurityHQ’s staff and request a free security audit to get a quote. And finally, don't forget the free goodies SecurityHQ offers. Snag yourself a complimentary managed firewall audit and a free trial of their Managed Firewall solution.

Best FWaaS provider for remote workers


(Image credit: Zscaler)

4. Zscaler

Launched in 2007, Zscaler is a cloud security company headquartered in San Jose (California, the USA). Zscaler Cloud Firewall created its FWaaS solution specifically for virtual offices, and it's been extremely valuable. 

Instead of being packed into an office with multiple coworkers, you can use Cloud Firewall to connect to a virtual office remotely - even from the comfort of your own home. But how exactly does Cloud Firewall protect the system? Unlike traditional firewalls, which need to be installed on your computer, Cloud Firewall scans each bit of traffic to keep your workspace secure. 

This FWaaS solution requires minimal system resources, so it won't affect your device's performance, and it's ideal for both small businesses and remote workers.

Some of Zscaler's key features include an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed via browsers from anywhere, the ability to unify multiple sites, coverage of user-owned devices, Intranet connection security, customizable bandwidth allocation, and all the benefits of being completely on the cloud.

It's unfortunate, but Zscaler Cloud Firewall doesn't offer a free trial and their pricing isn't displayed publicly on the website. Therefore, you must request the pricing on their website by providing some personal information.

Best FWaaS provider for AWS

Palo Alto Networks

(Image credit: Palo Alto Networks)

5. Palo Alto Networks (Prisma)

Palo Alto Networks is an American cybersecurity company headquartered in Santa Clara (California, the USA) and it sparked a paradigm shift in the firewall industry by launching a “smart” next-gen firewall that increases core visibility, adds app-based controls, and boosts overall performance.

Palo Alto Networks stands out as among the most reliable and trustworthy cybersecurity companies, with its SASE solution offering numerous useful features. Furthermore, its cloud-based nature provides many advantages. 

The company provides a Next-Generation Firewall, offering the most comprehensive protection against threats, making it perfect for both large companies and small businesses who want to strengthen their security.

Aligning with a zero-trust security approach, Palo Alto Networks took their NGFW to the cloud and came up with their own FWaaS service. Its core features are hassle-free deployment, seamless integration with AWS workflows, and “best-in-class” security. 

SD-WAN, WAN optimization and the reliable FWaaS of Palo Alto Networks SASE make for an unbeatable combination, so you can be sure of getting peak performance every time. It's easy to use, yet rich in features, and being cloud-based, your resources will never be stretched.

Although a trial isn’t available, you can schedule a demo with Palo Alto Networks to get a personal tour of their products.

Best FWaaS provider for advanced users

Cato Networks

(Image credit: Cato Networks)

6.  Cato Networks

Based in Tel Aviv (Israel), Cato Networks is a security company specialized in secure access service edge (SASE), which is a framework for a network architecture that brings cloud-native technologies together, FWaaS included. This all-in-one solution guarantees complete connection security, a private corporate network over the web, and in-depth packet inspection.

Cato's solution is designed for more advanced users and larger companies, it provides full firewall protection with a wide variety of useful tools. Not only does Cato Networks SASE include WAN optimization and DNS, but it is based on multiple global servers, creating a more reliable experience.

And that only scratches the surface. This bundle has more to offer, including antivirus that operates optimally, a threat detection and intrusion prevention system with managed security, and even deep packet inspection, just like what is used in some of the most secure firewalls out there. This allows you to scan traffic and eliminate potential threats in real-time, all with an easier administrative task.

While it’s best suited for big businesses, it can also work for smaller ones that use freelance workers and have most of their staff working off-site.  

If you want to find out more about SASE, you can request a live demo and even a free trial.

Best package from a FWaaS provider


(Image credit: Fortinet)

7. Fortinet

Fortinet has been delivering robust 360-degree protection for over two decades. With their SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution, they support small and large businesses alike. 

Not to mention, FWaaS represents only a fraction of the company's total cloud firewall protection, which is bolstered by additional tools like DNS protection to keep malicious domains and programs at bay, as well as an intrusion prevention feature that scans the entire network for any suspicious activity or infiltration attempts. 

Best of all, Fortinet SASE runs without stressing your resources, so you can rest assured knowing your business is secure.

Thanks to its cloud-based distribution, all of your protected devices benefit from maximum performance with Fortinet's SASE package. But if you need even more power and security, the Next-Generation Firewall solution is a perfect choice. Not to mention its full range of features! 

Fortinet also offers a free trial, so you can try it before you buy.

Best next-gen FWaaS provider

Check Point

(Image credit: Check Point)

8. Check Point

Check Point is an American-Israeli multinational software security and computer hardware company that shortly after its establishment in 1993 became a cybersecurity pioneer with its FireWall-1 security solution. 

Today, Check Point offers a full range of services including NGFW technology, which is also available as a service. It also comes as a component of a comprehensive SASE solution called CloudGuard Connect.

Check Point's Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) provide the most advanced and efficient security across all network segments, shielding customers from any kind of threats. 

With features such as integrated intrusion prevention (IPS), application and user control, and more sophisticated malware prevention capabilities like sandboxing, these firewalls are designed to run all threat prevention technologies concurrently without sacrificing security or performance. 

The 23 models of NGFW also offer users the power to safely browse the web, with their safe applications and programs allowed through and malicious ones blocked. With Check Point's NGFW, users can rest assured knowing they have access to one of the most logical and user-friendly firewalls in the market.

While the pricing remains unclear, there is a free trial and cordial sales staff to guide you through the entire process.

Best FWaaS provider for control


(Image credit: Sophos)

9. Sophos

Since 1985, Sophos has been a leading provider of antivirus and encryption solutions. Over time, they have also become renowned for their highly-effective firewall solutions for small businesses as well as for home use. 

Boasting cloud-based features, Sophos Firewall offers superior TLS encryption and deep packet inspection, guaranteeing the highest possible level of security. Plus, its Xstream processors ensure smooth operation and an extremely user-friendly interface. And, to make sure you’re covered, Sophos Firewall also includes a VPN to protect all devices in the network.

Sophos’ next-gen firewall can be managed through a single cloud-based console called Sophos Central. The same goes for services such as enterprise protection, SD-WAN, endpoint integration, public and private cloud, and so forth. Its main benefits include all-in-one protection, unrivaled visibility, synchronized security, and lightning-fast deployment.

Furthermore, why not try Sophos' premium offering for free with their trial period? Plus, their XG Firewall for home use is completely free. But, if you want to know the pricing for their premium plans, reach out to Sophos directly.

Best budget FWaaS provider


(Image credit: CrowdStrike)

10. CrowdStrike (Falcon)

CrowdStrike is an American cybersecurity company stationed in Austin (Texas, the USA). It specializes in cloud workload and endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyber security incident response services. 

CrowdStrike has an extensive range of cybersecurity solutions, and among them is its robust FWaaS option. It's obvious that this solution is more fitting for big businesses, providing comprehensive security and defense for endpoints. This means that Falcon Firewall Management delivers the highest degree of protection for your system, all the while being extremely user-friendly.

In addition to its cloud version, you also need to install a client on the device you want to safeguard. The client ensures complete security against various types of threats. Not to mention the fact that you can remotely access its dashboard from any browser, even if the system admin is not near the secured system.

Some of its major benefits include a firewall coordinator that can interact with on-site firewalls, upgrades of third-party firewalls, usage of a single platform for FaaS and endpoint security, flexible deployment, and integration with CrowdStrike’s other solutions.

If you're on a budget, Falcon Firewall Management's pricing starts at just $24.99/month with the Go plan. If you need more features, the Pro plan for $41.66 offers threat hunting and endpoint detection & response. For the most comprehensive security solutions, though, you'll want the Elite or Complete plans, but be prepared to pay more.

Best for security

NordLayer FWaaS

(Image credit: NordLayer)

11. NordLayer

NordLayer (former NordVPN Teams) is a product from the people behind NordVPN, a well-known name in the security industry. The service has a range of security solutions, from a secure web gateway to identity access management, and of course, FWaaS.

NordLayer’s cloud firewall at its core, operates as a cloud-based Security Service Edge element that is scalable, flexible, and low maintenance. It introduces an extra level of control and protection for organizations utilizing a hybrid cloud network, specifically through NordLayer virtual private gateways, for their operations.

NordLayers’ cloud-based firewall isn’t standalone, meaning you’ll have to pick a Premium plan that comes with it. Because of that, you’ll be paying more, but since NordLayer is more than just a firewall, you’ll also be getting the rest of the goodies that come with the provider. That includes but is not limited to custom DNS, a VPN, automated detection and blocking of malicious domains, and a bunch of other security-related features.

The Premium plan is priced at $14 a month, on a yearly basis. It’s made for 5 users minimum, and you’ll get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

NordLayer as a whole is easy to use, and offers top-notch security features, with fast and reliable connections.

Make your network, data, and IT infrastructure bulletproof with an FWaaS solution

Have you made your choice among the top 10 FWaaS providers of this year? With FWaaS, you can create a unified security policy, increase visibility, and have a simple, scalable, and flexible deployment. Not convinced yet? Explore providers that offer free trials and experience it for yourself before taking the plunge.

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