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PNY Attache Pro review

Middle of the road styling, but fast lane performance

At £38, it's not unreasonably priced for a 4GB drive

Our Verdict

Anonymously styled, but performance is good and the price is reasonable


  • Great performance

    Reasonable price


  • Uninspired styling

Memory specialist PNY has been in the game a while, so it's no surprise to learn that the Attache Pro features rippingly fast transfer speeds.

At £38, it's not unreasonably priced for a 4GB drive, but we have to say, the performance is hardly reflected in the device's 'striking' looks.

The bulky, plasticky chassis lacks any form of sex appeal, and we suspect the slip-off cap will loosen over a period of time.

Still, there's no arguing with its performance, and for many, that's what counts.