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Antec TP3-630 Trio review

One, two, Trio? What exactly does that mean?

The PSU looks decidedly dull in its battleship grey enclosure

Our Verdict

This is entirely standard fare and we're decidedly unthrilled


  • Three 12V power rails


  • Not modular

    Nothing exceptional

When we think of Trio, we can't help but think of the chocolate bars. You remember, the ones that were like a Club, but not as popular.

Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that there's no confectionery stuffed inside this PSU, the Trio simply refers to the fact that it has three 12 volt rails, separating components for increased stability.

The PSU itself is a 650W unit and looks decidedly dull in its battleship grey enclosure. We're also none too keen on the splayed wires that cascade from the back and, having been spoilt with modular power supplies we know they're fairly unnecessary. The only bit of extra fluff you get is dedicated case fan control via specialised plugs.

All in all, the Antec Trio does feel rather bog standard. The addition of an extra rail on the standard spec is welcome, but in no way exceptional when we've seen units with four, and even five, separate rails. Worse, we're entirely tired of the wiry tangle of cables - bring on the modulars, Antec. PCFormat staff