Enermax Pandora CA3030

A cheap but decidedly old-fashioned case

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Our Verdict

Say hello to the king of low-end cases. Just try not to think about the unrepentant Eighties styling


  • Price is hard to beat


  • Unforgivable styling

There's a lesson to be learned for those that want to use spraypainted grey mesh as part of a black case: all the nifty drive-covering flaps in the world won't save your case from looking like a disastrous early Eighties boombox.

The crushingly dated appearance of Enermax's offering doesn't diminish its usefulness, of course, but we feel a certain cosmetic flair should be on offer, considering the bare insides and lack of frontal Firewire ports.

On the whole though, the box is excellent value. There's a consistency to its audible output - we definitely wouldn't call it loud - but the thin steel panels which make up the case have a propensity to get rather hot after a short while. For something so cheap, though, you're in pretty good hands here. Alex Cox