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Getflix VPN review

Unblock 200+ streaming and video services for a very low price

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(Image: © Image credit: Getflix)

Our Verdict

Could be a cheap way to unblock US Netflix or similar streaming sites, but the VPN is too slow and underpowered for serious use.


  • Unblocks Netflix, iPlayer, more
  • Cheap two-year plan


  • No apps included
  • Below average speeds
  • Very few features

Getflix is a Smart DNS service which enables unblocking more than 200 video and music streaming services across the world (Hulu, Amazon, BBC etc).

A VPN is included, but it's relatively basic. Getflix doesn't have any clients of its own, for instance, so you must follow instructions on the site to set it up. It does support lots of protocols, though - PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN - and you should be able to use it on most devices.

The network is larger than we expected, with more than 60 locations spread over 30+ countries. These aren't just the usual European and US cities, either: Getflix has servers in Angola, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Panama and more - not even ExpressVPN or NordVPN have all of those covered.

Prices are good, too, at $4.95 for a single month, falling to $3.33 on the annual plan, and a tiny $2.29 over two years

There's a 14-day trial available for the Smart DNS service (no credit card details required), but not the VPN. You must buy at least the monthly plan to try out the service, and there's no money-back guarantee, although the small print says refunds might be possible 'at the discretion of management.'


Getflix says it keeps no logs on its users and unfortunately its privacy policy did not offer more information on the matter (Image credit: Getflix) (Image credit: Image credit: Getflix)


The Getflix website states clearly that 'there are NO LOGS kept in the network', apparently following the usual VPN rule that the more capital letters there are in your no-logging statement, the more convincing it becomes.

We've never subscribed to that rule, so headed off to the Privacy Policy to find out more. Unfortunately, this was a generic document which gave standard details about the website and nothing useful about the VPN.

We moved on to the website FAQ, but that was brief and more about the Smart DNS system than the VPN. The company confirms again that it doesn't 'log, archive or track' your DNS requests, although it can if you request this 'to provide support.'

VPN providers used to be able to get away with this kind of vagueness, but in a world where companies like TunnelBear and VyprVPN are having public audits to verify their no-logging credentials, it's becoming much more difficult to sustain. We understand that small VPNs may not have the time or money to go the audit route, but the very least Getflix can do is take the time to spell out, in detail, what it logs and what it doesn't. 


Getting started with Getflix VPN is a little more difficult than usual. The service is mostly focused on its Smart DNS service, and you have to do some work to set up the VPN.

This starts at the Getflix web dashboard, for instance. There's a VPN link on a left-hand sidebar, but clicking it doesn't display the usual links to VPN apps, because Getflix doesn't have any. Instead, the site displays your VPN username and password, and points to tutorials on how to set them up.  

There's plenty of guidance here, including 30+ tutorials explaining how to set the service up for various protocols on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, routers and more. These have plenty of details, too, but they're not all as up to date as we would like. There are specific tutorials for Windows 7 and 8, for instance, but not Windows 10, perhaps no surprise as the tutorial list is dated 31st July 2017.

Still, its OpenVPN instructions were clear enough, and if you've set up OpenVPN before, you'll have no problem here. Download Getflix' configuration files, unzip these to get options for multiple connection types (TCP, UDP, and the ports 53, 54, 80, 81, 443, 444, 1194, 1195), and copy them wherever you need. It's all reasonably straightforward, as manual setups go, although of course it would be easier still if Getflix had its own apps.

Getflix may not deliver as a VPN but it was able to unblock BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix in our tests (Image credit: Getflix)

Getflix may not deliver as a VPN but it was able to unblock BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix in our tests (Image credit: Getflix)


Getflix' main selling point is its ability to get you into multiple streaming platforms, so we were interested to see how the service would work for us. The answer was 'perfectly', at least with our three test sites, as Getflix enabled viewing BBC iPlayer, US YouTube and even US Netflix, without difficulty.


We test the performance of every VPN we review using OpenSpeedTest (Image credit: OpenSpeedTest)

Our performance tests showed speeds were well below average, with most servers averaging 10 to 20Mbps. That's disappointing - we might get approaching 70Mbps with the very VPNs - but it's enough for many tasks, and if you're mostly interested in watching Netflix or other sites, it might be good enough.

The review finished on a more positive note, as our privacy tests found Getflix blocked DNS leaks, protecting our identity at all times.

Final verdict

Getflix works well as a cheap unblocker for streaming sites, but the the poor performance, lack of apps and shortage of features makes it impossible to recommend for anything more.