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Women online shoppers twice as honest as men

Women better at tracking their online spending than men
Women better at tracking their online spending than men

European men went on an online spending spree last year - and didn't always have the money to fund it.

A new report by e-tail payment processing firm Deutsche Card Services says that men were twice as likely to have online payments rejected by their card issuer.

The reports tracked the chargeback ratio, which describes the share of credit card transactions which had to be charged back after the cardholder's rejection.

One in thousand payments rejected

At roughly 0.10 per cent, female consumers' non-payment ratio for online purchases paid for by credit card was only half that of male customers.

The report, which is based on 7.5 million online purchases across Europe, found that over five per cent of online retail transactions were paid for by offline methods (such as cheques) and that direct debit accounted for around 12 per cent of transactions.

Before women get too smug, though, the results were the opposite of findings from 2007, which pegged men as the most honest gender.

There were few differences between countries in Europe, although German customers appear to be the most responsible, with just 0.08 per cent of transactions suffering chargebacks.