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Watch Daniel Radcliffe invent Grand Theft Auto in The Gamechangers trailer

The Gamechangers trailer

Though we may never see an actual Grand Theft Auto movie materialise in our lifetimes, a TV movie about the rise of the GTA franchise, and its publisher Rockstar Games, is almost upon us.

Based on the book Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto by David Kushner, The Gamechangers stars Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar Games co-founder and president Sam Houser, and will depict the events surrounding the development of GTA I & II, as well as the controversy around GTA III's release.

Bill Paxton will play Jack Thompson in the film, the notorious anti-gaming lawyer who infamously waged a legal war on Rockstar Games over the violence and objectionable material in its games.

The Gamechangers

While the film will likely portray the Housers as heroes battling for freedom of speech against an oppressive and puritanical lawyer, the brothers themselves are not involved at all in this unauthorised movie, and in fact threatened to sue the BBC over its making of the film.

The Gamechangers will air in the United Kingdom on September 15 on BBC Two though there are no dates confirmed for international television premieres.

You can check out the trailer for The Gamechangers below.