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Project Kangaroo to get January trials

Jumping the gun?
Jumping the gun?

The online television collaboration Project Kangaroo will be trialled in January, despite the Competition Commission judgement hanging over the scheme like the Sword of Damocles.

Kangaroo is a project involving BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to make their programmes available worldwide on demand over the internet.

The internet television model is becoming increasingly popular – with the BBC iPlayer and BSkyB's Sky Player showing that there is a desire for online television.


The joint project will apparently go into Alpha testing in December and move into the Beta public trial phase in January.

This is despite the continued wait for a judgement by the Competition Commission which will decide if the broadcasters' collaboration breaks its rules on coalitions. A judgement is expected by the end of November.

"As shareholders, we [all] have chosen to continue investing and developing the site so that if we get approval we can launch as soon as possible," said Ben McOwen Wilson, the Director of ITV Online and Project Kangaroo board member.

"We aim to launch a limited closed trial in the new year."

If the go-ahead is given, Project Kangaroo members will have to attain permission from the boards and the BBC Trust before launching, possibly as early as March.