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First Freeview+ HD PVR goes on sale

Philips HDT8520
Philips HDT8520

The UK's first Freeview+ HD PVR has hit the shelves in the UK, with the Pace-designed Philips HDT8520 available for £299 at major retailers from today.

The Philips box is the first PVR with a Freeviw HD enabled T2 tuner, and also boasts a 500GB hard drive for recording.

"It is currently the only Freeview HD device that will allow you to record the World Cup action, explains the press release.

No subs for the World Cup

"The box provides great value access to the superior sound and picture quality of Freeview HD services for a one-off price, without the need for a monthly subscription.

500 GB allows 125 hours of HD programming to be recorded, and the Philips HDT8520 also features one-touch recording, series recording, 3 hour buffer for time shifting and two tuners.

We're also told that the box has been designed to be as quiet as possible, has 1080p upscaling and Ethernet ports for enhanced connectivity.

The Philips HDT8520 goes on sale today at a recommended retailing price of £299 from high-street retailers John Lewis, DSGi (Currys), Comet, Tesco and Richer Sounds, online at Amazon, and at hundreds of independent retailers throughout the UK.