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Free TVs if Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

Murray mint: Free TVs all round
Murray mint: Free TVs all round

Fancy a free TV? Well, you better cross all your fingers and hope that British number one tennis champ Andy Murray gets through his semi-final bout with Andy Roddick today, as one TV seller is offering free televisions if Murray wins Wimbledon.

While it sounds too good to be true, has an offer on at the moment whereby if you purchase a new TV before the final begins, and Murray wins, the company will credit your account with the exact money the TV cost.

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There are six TVs available in the offer – ranging from 22-inch models (LG M2294D) to 40-inch screens (Samsung UE40B7020) – and if you are unhappy with the set you can return it with full refund within seven days of receiving it.

If Murray does win, odds at the moment say he is 9/4 at the moment, then you will have a nice lump of credit to spend what you want on the site.

It's not a bad incentive if you ask us – even if the chances of Murray beating Roger 'the robot' Federer in a final are about as much as the surly Scot actually smiling in a press conference.

Via T3