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Epson's Rangefinder is refreshingly old-school

Epson R-D1x Rangerfinder
Epson R-D1x Rangerfinder

Forget your fancy Beauty Enhancement, 'slimmest-ever' chassis and geotagging features, sometimes all you want from a camera is some old-fashioned workmanship, with a sprinkle of digital technology thrown in.

The R-DX1 Rangefinder is a brilliantly retro-looking piece of kit, which sports a 6MP sensor, Leica M and L glass compatibility and a 2.5-inch LCD.

Images are copied to an SDHC card, with RAW and JPEG being the compatible formats.

Home on the range

Forget what's inside the camera, the best thing about this update to 2005's R-D1 is its chassis.

Weighing in at 570g and measuring 42 × 39.5 × 88.5mm, it's a great representation of the Rangefinder cameras of the '50s, which were famed for their focusing capabilities.

It even comes complete with an on/off switch shaped like a film wind-on lever.

There's no word of a UK release for the R-D1x, but it is out in Japan now for a hefty £1,400.

Via Engadget