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Lenovo confirms Windows Phone handset for 2012

Lenovo confirms Windows Phone for 2012

Lenovo has confirmed speculation that it plans to launch its first Windows Phone handset in the second half of next year.

Rumours have been rife since pictures of a handset (see right) running Windows Phone Mango were leaked onto the internet earlier this week.

And now, in an interview with iMobile, LePhone (Lenovo's mobile phone division) product manager Yue Chen has gone on record saying release plans are well underway.

He said: "We are indeed currently considering a Windows Phone-based LePhone product, and we already have a clear release schedule.

"It will be released during the second half of 2012."

Cracking China

Microsoft plans to push Windows Phone in Levovo's homeland of China next year.

The company has already opened its API up to Chinese app developers and is planning to launch its App Marketplace alongside a host of new handsets.

It remains to be seen whether Lenovo plans are to launch the WP handset on the western front.

Via: WinRumors