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Woman conned out of £12,900 in webdating scam

Even the prettiest rose has its thorn

An Australian woman has been scammed into sending 30,000 Australian dollars (£12,900) to a Nigerian conman she met online. The 30-year-old woman joined an internet dating agency where she started chatting to a Nigerian chap. He then encouraged her to send money so he could fly over and visit her.

"The woman was keen to forge a relationship with the man and, as a result, has been dispatching money via a mailing company to him," a police spokesman said.

"Unfortunately the woman reported she has lost in excess of $30,000 and it has left her in shock and very upset at being victimised in this way. This is a reminder to anyone using a computer and visiting any website.

"Please be very careful and never send money to any person or organisation unless you are 100 per cent certain it is authentic."

Nigerian con trick

This kind of con is remarkably common and it's a bit surprising that people are still falling for it. May it serve as a reminder to the rest of us.