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Want to be anonymous online? is making it possible to cover your tracks online

Having a private life online is looking more impossible by the day, especially as we're spending an increasing amount of time on the web. So has launched a new tool to help you cover your online tracks.

Aimed to boost your privacy online, AskEraser prevents queries from being stored or linked to cookies. You can easily specify whether you want this feature on or off from the home page and any Ask search pages. The facility can be switched on or off with just one click.

Delete search queries

When activated, AskEraser will delete all search queries and related information linked to the 'cookies' on your computer thereafter. The feature goes live today for UK users, and will expand to global sites in 2008.

"We take significant steps to protect any data that's stored in our servers, but for those people who want to take extra precautions, AskEraser lets them take the issue completely off the table," chief executive Jim Lanzone told Reuters.

The move is welcome if you're worried about protecting your privacy. Advertisers and websites are increasingly looking to find out as much as possible about your online behaviour to target messages to you.