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UK and US police serious about cybercrime despite skill shortages

Digital police
Policing the internet is no easy feat

Police agencies in both the UK and US have said they are committed to tackling the growing problem of cybercrime, but are suffering skill shortages.

Pete O'Doherty, head of the UK's National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, warned that 70 per cent of all modern frauds involve a "cyber element," a stark figure showing the growth of digital deviancy.

"From what I see day in and day out, cyber crime is rapidly increasing, both in volume and in complexity. As a pure crime, but also as facilitator for other crimes. It is evolving at a rapid pace," he said, according to the London Evening Standard.

He labelled the epidemic a "global threat."

Across the digital pond

The US is also struggling to hunt down cyber criminals.

James Comey, Director of the FBI, said that cyber threats will "dominate" his time with the Bureau, according to Politico. He said there is a huge amount of cybercrime going on "at all different levels," but the FBI is prioritising national security threats and botnet operations.

Comey warned that the 17,000 individual police agencies throughout the US need to become "digitally literate." He said the FBI has a training programme for police to increase skills in this area.

Via Sophos Security