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Looks like someone found 15-year-old Mark Zuckerberg's Angelfire website

Looks like someone found 15 year old Mark Zuckerberg's Angelfire website
Mark - he's connected to everyone and all things

You know how everyone is an idiot when they're 15? And how there was a time when pretty much all 15-year-old boys referred to themselves as the real Slim Shady?

And you'd fill out those internet questionnaires thinking you sounded too-cool-for-school, not realising you'd stumble across them in your twenties and die a thousand shameful deaths for your teenage self?

Yeah, Mark Zuckerberg too. At least, we assume so on the basis of this Angelfire site which appears to be the first web-based home of the most powerful hoodie-wearing CEO on the planet.

It's worth five minutes of your time - the Java-loving site features a Cow-a-bungee science game that stumped us, a Pong engine and even MAGNETIC POETRY.

There's also an interesting little applet called The Web which is a bit like a visual network of people who know each other socially… which sounds familiar.


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From Motherboard via Gizmodo