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Internet Explorer market share dips under 60%

Internet Explorer - losing popularity
Internet Explorer - losing popularity

Microsoft saw its share of the browser market dip below 60 per cent in April, the worst decline the computer company has seen since 1999.

Although it still has the lion's share of the browsing world, it's lost around 9 per cent of users in the last 11 months, with official figures from measurement firm NetApplications showing it has dropped from 68.32 per cent to 59.95 per cent.

Chrome was the biggest winner – Google's browser nabbed 6.73 per cent share, which is a rise of 2.4 per cent.

This means that it has overtaken Safari as the third most popular browser around.

Browser ballot

Another browser which saw a rise in users was Opera who is currently claiming fifth place in the market. It rose from 2.03 per cent to the nose-bleeding heights of 2.3 per cent.

Firefox, meanwhile, also saw a small rise – from 22.43 per cent to 24.59 per cent.

There's no denying that the recently introduced browser ballot is having some effect on the web-browsing world.

Via IT Pro