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Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks in the US

Will Starbucks in the UK offer free WiFi soon?
Will Starbucks in the UK offer free WiFi soon?

AT&T and Starbucks are rolling out a free Wi-Fi offer to customers in the US, with up to two hours free Wi-Fi per day for registered customers.

To register to the free Wi-Fi scheme you have to agree to allow AT&T send you four promotional, badgering emails per year and have used your Starbucks card within the last thirty days.

Which all sounds like a fair deal to us, for the use of free Wi-Fi at over 7,000 of Starbucks’ US-based stores.

UK to follow suit?

UK-based Coffee Republic recently announced a similar free Wi-Fi offer for Brits.

TechRadar has contacted Starbucks UK for the official line on the likelihood of seeing similar free WiFi offers at their UK-based stores.

A Starbucks UK rep reminded us that T-Mobile provide the WiFi for Starbucks in the UK and that it doesn’t look like there are any similar offers in the pipeline for us caffeine-loving Brits.

Stay tuned for the official line from Starbucks.