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Felony charges dropped in MySpace suicide case


Felony charges against the woman who prosecutors say drove a 13-year-old girl to suicide through MySpace impersonation have been dropped – but Lori Drew has been found guilty of three counts of misdemeanour.

Drew was cleared of three felony charges with a fourth count of comspiracy leaving the jury deadlocked, but has committed misdemeanours that could potentially bring jail time.

The case hit the headlines over accusations that Drew created a fake profile of a boy after her daughter fell out with the teenage neighbour Megan Meier.


Meier was then wooed for several weeks before the 'boy' withdrew his affections and said the world would be a better place without her. Meier hanged herself in October 2006, a short time after reading the final message.

Prosecutors claimed that Drew, her daughter and a teenage employee created the profile to publicly humiliate Meier.

Juror Shirley Hanley told Reuters that Drew had been cleared of the more serious charges because the panel could not be certain who had typed the MySpace messages.