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Facebook: New privacy controls, IM imminent

Facebook privacy levels have improved

Following recent news that younger Facebook users (addicts) were growing concerned at their parents joining their online social network, the latest news from Palo Alto today is the introduction of new privacy controls.

The controls are set to give Facebook's 67 million-plus members (addicts) the ability to preserve social distinctions between friends, family and co-workers online. So your dad doesn’t necessarily have to see those photos of you drunk out of your brain at the office Christmas party, if you don’t want him to.

“In addition to messaging and event and group invitations, friend lists can help users to communicate by choosing what information is shared with certain groups of people,” Facebook’s latest release informs us.

Facebook chat imminent

Facebook also confirmed that it will be launching Facebook Chat in the coming weeks. It's another IM app to add to the long-list of other ones that you waste your time on at work while the boss thinks you’re typing away productively at your latest PowerPoint for that key presentation!

For more on the new privacy controls check out the FAQ’s over on