Microsoft offers 100GB of free OneDrive storage with Bing Rewards

OneDrive is a lot more appealing when it's free

Microsoft is offering one year's free access to 100GB of OneDrive storage to members of its Bing Rewards programme.

The free storage, valued at AU$56, can be obtained by spending 100 credits in Bing Rewards.

Microsoft gives new members of Bing Rewards 20 free credits in the first place, so new users only need to earn 80 more to qualify for the OneDrive storage.

Reward drive

OneDrive is the new name for Microsoft's SkyDrive. It was forced to change the name after it lost a lawsuit by BSkyB over the use of its trademark. The revamp also introduced new features like co-owned folders and Dropbox-style rewards.

Bing Rewards provides points for using the Bing search engine instead of rival ones. It has a level system and referral programme, and users can get rewards across many of Microsoft's brands, including Xbox, Skype, Windows Phone, and the Windows Store. Gift cards and charity donations are also available.

Unfortunately, it is currently only available in the US, but Microsoft said: "We're always looking at ways to expand the Rewards platform to more users."