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Huddle integrates with Tibbr for social collaboration drive

Tibbr screenshot
Tibbr and Huddle in action

Collaboration platform provider Huddle and software company Tibco have integrated each other's platforms to help their customers access, share and collaborate on content in the cloud.

It means that the 6.5 million paying users on Tibco's social networking platform Tibbr will be able to access and attach files stored in Huddle's cloud securely and with their permissions and versions intact.

In return, Huddle says that its users will benefit by being given access to Tibbr's social features, allowing them to distribute and gather feedback on content quicker than before.

Productive boost

Alastair Mitchell, CEO at Huddle, told TRPro that the integration will help supercharge small and mid-sized business' (SMB) users' productivity.

He said: "With content collaboration and enterprise social networking all in one central place, people don't have to go back and forth between multiple apps to get their jobs done.

"We're placing content at the core of all social interactions in the workplace so conversations have context and are focused on the task in hand. You can browse your Huddle workspaces and folders, search for specific items, upload new content, share information and quickly preview files all without leaving Tibbr, and vice versa within Huddle."