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Can Rdio lure Pandora listeners with new personalized Stations?

Stations are spinning on iOS, Android and on the web

Rdio took aim at Pandora's personalized prowess today in announcing some just-for-you additions to its Stations feature.

You FM, powered by The Echo Nest, will tap into factors like listening history, track voting, Facebook likes and Twitter followers to craft Stations. You can scale between familiar and "adventurous" listening to either play to stuff you know or take you to the unknown.

Rdio, which after a six free months costs $10/month (about 6.43, AU$10.96), is running 10 different Station types right now with 400 sub-genres branching from there. If you don't trust your taste (no one saw that Spice Girls number...shhhhh) you can also mash up Stations based on friends and influencers by clicking on the People button.

Will this new personal touch help Rdio hold onto listeners after their free trial dries up? Rdio is banking on it.

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