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2.1 billion people now on the web

2.1 billion people now on the web
Internet - proving popular

Internet usage in 2011 has been put under the microscope and it seems that more than a third of people on this lovely planet of ours are now online.

According to Pingdom, which has been looking at internet usage in 2011, there are now 2.1 billion people on the web and a total of 555 million website for internet users to peruse.

There are a few figures which dwarf the number of people online, however, one of these being the amount of email accounts that there are in the world, which now totals 3.146 billion.

Strangely, there are more social networking accounts than people online (currently 2.4 billion) and there are 2.6 billion IM accounts floating on the good ship internet.


Pingdom has done a great job at drilling into the numbers and there's far too many stats to list here but others which caught our eye include the fact that there are now over 800 million Facebook accounts in use, a quarter of which were created in 2011.

Over at YouTube 1 trillion video playbacks were logged, while 71 per cent of the world's email traffic was spam.

As for Pingdom's predictions for 2012, it believes that web traffic will "keep on growing".

As it fed us some impressive stats we are going to overlook this blindingly obvious statement.

Via Cnet