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Pioneer's Kuro plasma televisions to live on

When we report rumours about something as serious as a company like Pioneer lopping off one of its arms, we believe only the very best sources. That’s why we have faith in Japanese newspaper The Nikkei Shimbun’s scoop that the firm’s Kuro plasma technology will have life after death.

According to the business daily [PDF link], the proposed hook-up with Panasonic will see the new venture continue to use the well-respected ultra-black tech in a new line of plasma TVs.

Engineers part of package

This will happen thanks to a dedicated bunch of Pioneer engineers who are set to follow their work all the way over to Panasonic when the move goes through early next year.

The Japanese paper goes on to explain that Pioneer’s existing plasma panel factories will be converted to build new TV sets using parts from Panasonic.

As for the motivation for the radical changes, we learn that Pioneer expects the fiscal year that’s about to end to result in a whopping ¥10 billion (£48 million) loss on plasma TVs alone.