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Silver PS3 on the way - but only in Japan

Japanese gamers can get the silver PS3 on its own or with Yakuza 3

Sony has unveiled a new-look silver PlayStation 3 model. It’s exactly the same as its black and its white brethren in every way... apart from the colour, obviously. And just like the white model, it’s only going to be available in Japan – for now.

Even in Japan, the PlayStation motherland, the PS3 has thus far failed to live up to expectations. Sales have been disappointing, which led to Sony’s games department losing an unprecedented amount of money.

New silver PS3

The silver PS3 comes with a silver controller, while Sony has made the silver DualShock 3 controllers available separately in case anyone wants to buy more of them.

Japanese gamers will also be able to buy the satin silver PS3 as part of a Yakuza 3 games bundle. Absolutely no word on when or whether the silver PS3 will come to Europe, but our advice would to not, under any circumstances, hold your breath.