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Sennheiser adds budget in-ear phones to range

Seen here in burgundy red, Sennheiser's new MX560 in-ear phones could prove to be a great upgrade for iPod owners

Sennheiser has added a new set of budget in-ear phones to its range in the shape of the MX 560.

Available in a choice of shiny black, shiny white, shiny silver, burgundy red or aqua, the new phones are aimed directly at anyone looking to upgrade their iPod or supplied MP3 phones, hence a price of just £20 a set.

Sennheiser claims that the only cheap thing about its new phones is the price. The MX 560s come with a gold-plated 3.5mm jack, 1.1m-long cable, patented ‘Basswind System’ for extra low-end boom and ‘Ear Hook’ design to stop them slipping off.

Performance wise, the MX 560s boast a frequency response of 19-20000Hz, an impedance of 32ohm and a sound pressure level of 112dB. Hardly audiophile grade then, but not at all bad for twenty notes.