Toshiba laptop makes MacBook Air look bloated

Tiny Dynabook is light but has full range of ports onboard

If you thought the MacBook Air was small, then check out the latest ultra-lightweight laptop from Toshiba Japan - the 768g Dynabook SS RX.

On sale from the end of January, the SS RX is actually a range of eight laptops with a bewildering variety of customisation options. Naturally, it's the lightest of the bunch that has drawn our beady eye.

Smaller and better equipped

The Windows XP-toting SS RX1 SE120E (scroll down for the specs) may not be a memorable name, but that 768g weight brings it in more than half a kilogramme lighter than Apple's latest attention seeker.

The two machines have the absence of an optical drive in common, while the Dynabook also has the choice of a 64GB solid-state drive or an 80GB hard drive for storage.

But look at the price

The Tosh wins on the expansion port front, with one FireWire and three USB 2.0 ports, a PC card slot and room for an SD card bay. There's even a fingerprint sensor and a modem.

Other hardware available in the base configuration includes a 12.1-inch WXGA screen, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU at 1.20GHZ, wireless and wired LAN and 1GB of RAM. Battery life is rated at up to 13 hours.

As for pricing, we knew there had to be a snag - unless you want to spend ¥551,460 (£2,665) you'd better start working out and stick to the heavier machines for now.