The one major gripe that most Xbox 360 owners have with Microsoft's console is that it is just too loud, with one enterprising PC company launching a new modded 360 this week to solve the issue of the noisy fan.

So now you have another option (other than buying a PS3, of course) with PC customisation specialists Quiet PC launching Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 this month.

Apart from the fact that it looks awful, is almost twice the size and considerably more expensive than an off-the-shelf 360, it seems like Quiet PC have really hit a lucrative seam in the market here. Not.

Quietly expensive

An Xbox 360's innards packed into the company's Lian Li XB-01BM case will be much quieter, due to the use of a single 120mm fan.

You can buy any of the three Xbox 360 models online from Quiet PC's website from £307 the Arcade.

Or you can buy a PlayStation 3 for £299, from pretty much any entertainment or tech retailer. Up to you really…