Nintendo DS shoots past 50 million mark

Halfway to beating Game Boy record in just three years

The name ' Nintendo DS' doesn't quite have the same ring to it as ' Game Boy'. It doesn't sound as good and it's still not as famous. But that hasn't stopped the DS from becoming the fastest selling gaming handheld of all time.

It took the Nintendo 16 years to sell a record breaking 119 million Game Boy units. And yet the Nintendo DS has now reached the 50 million mark in less than three years.

50 million DS consoles sold

Nearly 20 million of those DS consoles were sold in Japan alone; there in Nintendo's homeland, one in six people own a DS. Its popularity dwarfs that of even the frighteningly successful Nintendo Wii next-gen console.

The Sony PSP on the other hand, is far behind the DS, having sold under 25 million worldwide. But the PSP isn't dead in the water yet. On the contrary, since the launch of the new slimmer, lighter PSP three days ago, Japanese gamers have been buying them at a rate of 100,000 per day.


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