War games: Russia's new tanks are controlled by PlayStation pads

So that's reassuring

If you are ever obliterated by one of these new Russian tanks, you can go safe in the knowledge that it was being controlled by what is basically a PlayStation controller like the one you've got at home.

Instead of a bulky, complex steering wheel, the Kurganets-25 tank has a pad inspired by the PlayStation's which is "easier for a young soldier to familiarise himself with", according to Tractor Plants VP Albert Bakov, and is a form that Sony has spent decades perfecting.

Built to take out enemy infantry, the Kurganets-25 is actually not quite a tank, but it's a bit more serious than an armoured truck. It's currently being tested in Russia and should go into full-scale production in 2016.

You have to actually be inside the thing to have a go on the controller though, so hopefully Matthew Broderick won't stumble across it and accidentally start World War III.


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