Download of the day: Total Uninstall

Wipe away every trace

You’ve got to love the uninstall button in Windows’ Control Panel, and by “love” we mean “click in the vain hope that just once, just this once, the program you want to uninstall will actually uninstall without leaving stuff all over the place.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s time for Total Uninstall. It’s compatible with Windows versions from Vista to Windows 10, and from Windows Server 2003 to 2012.

Why you need it

Uninstallers can be flaky, and often leave things behind in folders or in the system registry. And some uninstallers are completely useless, especially the ones for programs that stuff your PC with unwanted toolbars and other nonsense.

No more. Total Uninstall analyses the programs on your PC to identify exactly what they’ve put onto your system, and you can then use it to bypass the official uninstaller to make sure that every trace of the program is purged from your PC. 

You can also control which programs automatically start when you boot your PC, scan the Registry for out of date or unnecessary items, and in a nice touch there’s an option to automatically transfer your favourite programs from your current PC to a new one.

Download here: Total Uninstall