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Geek Uninstaller is a perfectly functional uninstaller. That said, some users may want technical support, as well as batch removal and other tools limited to Pro members.


  • +

    Free version available

  • +

    User-friendly interface

  • +

    Can uninstall native Windows apps

  • +

    Real-time installation/uninstallation monitoring


  • -

    The free version has minimal features

  • -

    No restore option after uninstalling

  • -

    Only compatible with Windows

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Geek Uninstaller (opens in new tab) is a custom software uninstaller (opens in new tab) tool explicitly built for Microsoft Windows. It was created by a solo software developer named Thomas Koen. Geek Uninstaller is the tool's free version, while the paid version goes by a different name, Uninstall Tool (opens in new tab). CrystalIDEA, a Belgian software company, publishes the paid version.

We’ll review Geek Uninstaller and its pro version based on typical criteria, including compatibility, features, pricing, customer support, and user-friendliness.


Geek Uninstaller is free while Uninstall Tool is the paid version (Image credit: Geek Uninstaller)

Plans and pricing

Geek Uninstaller is the free version, requiring no payment. All you need to do is head to the website and download it on your computer.

Uninstall Tool is the paid version of Geek Uninstaller. You need to pay a one-time fee to get it. This one-time fee grants you a lifetime license. You can buy a “Standard License (opens in new tab)” for $24.95 or a “Portable License (opens in new tab)” for $39.95.

This license covers one PC. If you want to extend it to multiple computers, you’ll need to pay extra fees. The company gives volume discounts for extended licenses.

This license is designed for a single user on multiple PCs. It doesn’t require installing and activating the app on each computer. Instead, you can start the app from a USB drive (opens in new tab), hence the “portable” license.

Geek Uninstaller review

Geek makes uninstalling simple by automatically checking for native uninstall tools (Image credit: Geek Uninstaller)


Geek Uninstaller has the typical features you’ll expect in any software uninstaller. It lets you pick any software from your computer and uninstall them. Launching the app brings out a list of all the applications on your computer and their installation dates. Right there, you can select anyone you want to uninstall, and Geek will wipe away all the files. 

Geek Uninstaller can also repair applications by replacing damaged or missing file parts. The paid version, Uninstall Tool, has additional features such as batch removal and real-time installation monitoring. 

Geek Uninstaller review

The Geek interface makes it easy to quickly uninstall applications (Image credit: Geek Uninstaller)

Interface and in use

One area where Geek Uninstaller stands out is its simplicity. It’s one of the most straightforward software programs we have come across. The design looks like that of many Windows apps you’re familiar with.

After launching the app, it brings up a list of all the applications installed on your PC. From that menu, you can right-click any of them, and you’ll see a drop-down of options, including “uninstall” and “force removal.” Clicking any of these two options will begin the process of wiping away an application. Be careful before you uninstall or force-remove any app because there’s no restore option on Geek Uninstaller.

After you right-click, other options in the drop-down menu include viewing an app's entry of the Windows Registry, opening its installation folder, and visiting the app’s official website. Overall, Geek Uninstaller is very easy to navigate. It’s also multi-lingual, supporting around three-dozen languages. 

Geek Uninstaller review

Even clicking “help” in the application simply leads to the platform’s home page (Image credit: Geek Uninstaller)


There is no customer support option for the free Geek Uninstaller, but Uninstall Tool, the paid tier, has customer support. You can contact the company directly through email or the GitHub issue tracker. There’s no live chat or telephone support. The Uninstall Tool also has a FAQ Page (opens in new tab) with solutions to common problems.

Lacking live chat or telephone support, Uninstall Tool lags behind its rivals in the customer support criteria.

The competition

There are many software uninstallers for Microsoft Windows. Some rivals to Geek Uninstaller include Ashampoo Uninstaller (opens in new tab) and Revo Uninstaller (opens in new tab). In pricing, Geek Uninstaller beats most of its competitors because its paid version carries a lifetime license. Most uninstallers charge monthly or annually, while Geek requires just a one-time fee.

Feature-wise, Geek Uninstaller is on par with its competitors. 

Final verdict

Geek Uninstaller is a basic app but has all the features required of a software uninstaller. Its user-friendly interface makes it convenient for every Windows user. The free version grants you helpful uninstallation features, and you can always upgrade to the paid tier if you want extra functionality.

However, we wish to change that Geek Uninstaller is only available on Windows. A macOS version wouldn't hurt. 

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