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Clean out unwanted programs from your PC

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TechRadar Verdict

Don’t be fooled by Advanced Uninstaller PRO’s basic appearance—it has useful tools that you can use to remove programs quickly and efficiently.


  • +

    Uninstall multiple programs at once

  • +

    Clean up every remnant of an installed program


  • -

    Needs a facelift

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    Limited support options

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a software uninstaller from Innovative Solutions. It’s a tool that you can use to uninstall programs, speed up your PC, and help protect your privacy. As the name implies, Advanced Uninstaller PRO’s primary function is to help you remove software from your Windows computers that can’t be uninstalled through the use of the Add or Remove Programs tool in Windows. It also has other features that can help improve your PC’s performance.

We consider Advanced Uninstaller PRO to be one of the best free software uninstallers around. In our review, we'll show you the pros and cons of the software tool so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your business.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO review

The Daily Health Check feature requires a subscription, but all other features are available in the free download (Image credit: Advanced Uninstaller PRO)

Plans and pricing

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is free to download and doesn’t expire. Included is a 30-day trial of a Daily Health Check feature, a disk space cleanup tool that runs every day.

A 30-day license for Advanced Uninstaller PRO with Daily Health Check costs $9.10. A one-year license costs $10.15, which is equivalent to $0.85/month. A two-year license costs $15.60, which is equivalent to $0.65/month.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO review

These are Advanced Uninstaller Pro’s General Tools (Image credit: Advanced Uninstaller PRO)


The meat of the software, of course, is the Uninstall Programs tool. You can uninstall multiple programs in a row with just one click and scan for any files that were left over. 

Another great tool is the Program Monitor. You start it up before you install a program, and it records every change that the new application makes to your computer. Later, you can use the Program Monitor to completely uninstall the program, with no traces left whatsoever.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO also has a few system utilities often found in optimization software. It has a Startup Manager for choosing which programs start with Windows, a Services manager, and a Start Menu Cleaner. However, these are all quite basic, and apart from having them all in one place, there’s little reason to use them over the built-in Windows tools.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO has standard file and registry tools, such as a Duplicate File Finder, File Shredder, Registry Optimizer, and Temporary File scanner. You can clear your browsing history and manage your browser plug-ins. These are all serviceable, but other freeware tools have more features and customization.

The only feature that Innovative Solutions asks you to pay for, the Daily Health Check, essentially schedules the tools outlined above to run daily. It also performs a basic virus check.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO review

You can select multiple programs to be uninstalled one after another, minimizing required user input (Image credit: Advanced Uninstaller PRO)

Interface and in use

Advanced Uninstaller has a big, bright interface right out of the Windows 98 era. Its varied tools are spread across four menus, and nothing about it is too complicated to understand. A major feature of the Uninstall Programs tool is the ability to queue up multiple uninstalls at once. This can save time if you have a long list of programs that you want to get rid of. We were able to uninstall 29 programs in a row, only needing to click a button occasionally.

However, Advanced Uninstaller PRO works on the assumption that each uninstall is successful. When something goes wrong when you’re uninstalling a program, you’re not presented with any alternative options for removing it. You do have the option to run a cleanup scan after each uninstall, and invariably, Advanced Uninstaller PRO will find a few stray registry entries or files.

By default, Advanced Uninstaller PRO runs a service in the background that watches for the uninstallation of programs. It scans for any files and registry entries left over. In practice, we found that this resulted in constant disk checking that slowed down our test machine. Thankfully, you can disable it in the Settings menu.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO review

You can contact Innovative Solutions with any questions that you have about Advanced Uninstaller PRO (Image credit: Advanced Uninstaller PRO)


At first, it appears as if there are no online support resources for Advanced Uninstaller PRO, but if you click on Help in the application itself, you’re taken to an online manual with pages on each of the features and how to use them.

For more direct support, the only option is emailing the company via a contact form. Innovative Solutions starters that it responds to all tickets within two business days, with paid memberships receiving priority.

The competition

Wise Program Uninstaller is another free tool for uninstalling software. It doesn’t include any of the extra utilities that Advanced Uninstaller PRO does, but it’s better at removing stubborn software that can’t be uninstalled through Windows.

We also like Revo Uninstaller. The free version is a bit basic, but with the Pro version, you can uninstall multiple applications at once, force broken programs to uninstall, and take automatic backups of the registry.

Final verdict

Advanced Uninstaller PRO grew on us as we used it more. Its most useful feature is the ability to queue up multiple uninstalls at a time, potentially saving you a great deal of time. We were less impressed by the Uninstall Monitor and Program Monitor features because they seemed quite resource-intensive. The paid Daily Health Check is fine, but it doesn’t add enough to warrant paying for it.

That said, you can completely uninstall any program, leaving behind no traces, and we definitely suggest keeping Advanced Uninstaller PRO in mind for when you need to remove many programs at once.

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