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IObit Uninstaller is a dedicated tool that helps you delete software packages from your PC. Your PC’s in-built software uninstaller is prone to keeping leftover files from uninstalled software, but IObit Uninstaller enables you to eliminate them. It’s a practical tool to help keep your computer free from clutter and in great shape.


  • +

    Free version available

  • +

    Relatively inexpensive

  • +

    User-friendly interface

  • +

    Supports batch uninstalls


  • -


  • -

    Often upsells other IObit products

  • -

    The free version is limited

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IObit Uninstaller is a software uninstaller (opens in new tab) developed by IObit, an American software company. IObit is a recognized industry leader in PC optimization and security software tools. 

IObit released the first version of its Uninstaller in 2002, or two decades ago. Since then, the company has developed sequential versions with heavy updates and is currently on the 11th release. Hence, we’ll be reviewing IObit Uninstaller 11 (opens in new tab)

We’ll review this tool based on specific criteria, including customer support, pricing, features, compatibility, user-friendliness, etc. 


The price of your plan depends on how many PCs you need to cover though there is a free version so you can test out the software first (Image credit: IObit)

Plans and pricing

There’s a free version of IObit Uninstaller that you can get, but it has minimal features compared to the premium version. The premium “IObit Uninstaller PRO” is available through an annual subscription. There are two distinct plans:

  • $20 per year for 1 PC
  • $60 per year for 3 PCs

However, IObit provides significant discounts for first-time buyers. It cuts the price of the one-year, one-PC plan to $15 and the one-year, three-PCs plan to $16.77. This tactic encourages first-time buyers with expectations that they’ll pay the regular price in ensuing years. 

IObit offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for every purchase.


IObit packs in plenty of features for the price (Image credit: IObit)


Uninstall Programs Completely

IObit Uninstaller can uninstall software programs completely, as in there are no leftover files. These include native Windows apps, which your computer finds naturally hard to uninstall. 

IObit generates an automated list of all the programs installed on your computer. You can select any program you want to uninstall and do it directly from this dashboard. You can uninstall software one at a time or in groups.

Browser Extensions

In addition to uninstalling PC software, you can also uninstall browser extensions (Image credit: IObit)

Uninstall Browser Extensions

IObit Uninstaller also lets you manage your browser extensions (opens in new tab). You can uninstall any extension you wish right from the dashboard.  

Auto Clean Residual Left by Other Uninstallers

Other Uninstallers, including the native one on your PC, may have leftover files after specific installations. IObit Uninstaller 11 lets you find and eliminate these leftover files to free up disk space on your computer. 

Software Updater

IObit Uninstaller isn’t only for removing software programs. It also lets you update the programs on your computer to their latest versions. You can select any program installed on your PC and check if it’s the newest version. If not, you can update it right from the app. 

Install Monitor

Know exactly what was changed with each installation with IObit's Install Monitor (Image credit: IObit)

Installation Monitor

This feature lets you monitor and log any software installation you do. You can set it to automatically detect and log all installations or do it manually for specific installations by running their setup files from the app. 

Software Health

This feature enables you to scan your computer and detect specific faults, including;

  • Uninstallation leftovers
  • Outdated software
  • Hidden software permissions
  • Disturbing notifications
  • Programs with uninstalling issues
  • Malicious software and browser extensions


From outdated software to programs with install issues, IObit Uninstaller presents you with a clear list of everything that needs to be dealt with (Image credit: IObit)

We ran a test for our computer, and it found 36 issues needing attention. The test took several minutes from start to finish, so you have to be patient. 

Interface and in use

In our test, IObit Uninstaller was easy to download and install. We downloaded the setup file from the official website and ran it on our computer. Installation took less than a minute, and we began using the app right away. 

One thing we noticed while using the app is its user-friendliness. All its features are shown on the dashboard, so it wasn’t hard to find what we wanted. We could quickly go back and forth between all the features we mentioned above.

One drawback, however, is IObit’s upselling technique, especially for free users. The company behind the app advertises its other apps in a way that can be obtrusive. 


IObit's FAQs contain plenty of useful information to get you started (Image credit: IObit)


IObit offers customer support through email and telephone. You can contact the company directly to help resolve difficulties with the app. However, note that customer support isn’t guaranteed for the free version. IObit prioritizes paying customers over non-paying customer support inquiries.

The competition

IObit Uninstaller has a lot of competitors, but we’re highlighting just two; Geek Uninstaller (opens in new tab)and Ashampoo Uninstaller (opens in new tab). IObit is the cheapest in this cohort, starting at $20/year. Both Geek Uninstaller and Ashampoo Uninstaller start at $25 annually.

In functionality, IObit Uninstaller is on par with Geek and Ashampoo.

Final verdict

IObit Uninstaller is one of the best, most cost-effective software uninstallers you can get. It has all the essential features required for a software uninstaller and is easy to use. We recommend it to get a good bang for your buck. 

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