Download of the day: Slack

To paraphrase John Lennon: imagine there’s no email. Imagine no CCs. Imagine no disclaimers. Imagine no BCC. Imagine all the people… sitting using Slack

Slack is hugely popular among businesses, and not just because it’s better than email. It’s designed for the kind of communications people at work actually need, and that means it’s much more instant and efficient than playing email tennis all day.

You don’t necessarily need to be in a corporate environment to use it, though: it’s great for any kind of teams, whether that’s football, quiz teams or voluntary groups.

Why you need it

If your employer uses Slack, or your clients, then you’re missing out on a crucial communications tool if you don’t have it too.

It’s a great system for team-based projects and private groups, it’s easy to share files, it integrates with stacks of tools such as RSS, IFTTT, Google Drive, Twitter and RSS feeds, and you can express yourself with emoji, although it’s probably best to save the poop one for your personal communications.

It’s brilliant, and the Windows app is a great way to access it – although from time to time you’ll need to launch Slack in your browser to carry out tasks such as configuring some of its settings.

Download here: Slack