WWDC 2014 Liveblog: All the latest from Apple's Keynote

Notification Center has a today view and more widgets too to give you the info you need, when you want it. As long as there's a widget.


10.18 - 'A more gorgeous and useable version of OS X'. A more refined version of the notification centre. Yosemite has a new Spotlight interface, giving a big field in the middle of the display or an inline preview of documents.

The new search feature can even harness the power of the internet. This is the future, people. We're seeing how it looks now.


10.16 - Talking about how 'refined' this iteration is. 'You wouldn't believe how much time we spend on designing the trash can'.

Dark mode is also added in, making it a more pleasing system to use.

10.12 - Craig Federighi is showing off the new OS on a video right now. Refined fonts, some new icons that have got people chirpy in the crowd... it's all there.


10.12 - Jokes aplenty on the new name for OS X - Oxnard, Weed - the latter had 'strong support in the marketing team'. OS X Yosemite, take a bow.

10.10 - Ragging on Windows 8 now - a year longer in the market, and only 14% of the market compared to 50% of Macs on the latest software. Helps that Mavericks is free.

10.09 - Talking Macs: 5% industry decline has been ignored as Macs have grown 12%. 40 million copies of Mavericks installed already, which is the 'fastest adoption ever of such software'.

10.08 - Here to talk about OS X and iOS, according to Cook. 'Engineered to work together seamlessly'.

Then he says that there's a HUGE RELEASE... for developers... coming. He's so teasing.

10.07 - Apparently the youngest developer here is only 13 years old. Isn't it a school day?

10.06 - 1300 developers gathered together in 1990 - and now it's a huge conference for developers and Apple. 70% are first time attendees. And even those on scholarships too.


10.05 - Tim Cook is in the house! Looking relaxed. Lots of people clapping him probably helps. 'We're here to celebrate all the amazing apps the developers are creating'. That's good.

10.04 - 'My iPhone is as important as my guitar'. More important is the kid with the robotic arm who can do this thanks to an iPhone. Fair play.

10.02 - We've had two Tinder-based jokes already. They love that here. Chuckles aplenty.

10.00 - Game time! We're hearing about how people imaging a developer would look. What about journalists, Apple? We're here too! Also hearing about which app people couldn't live without. Instagram, Pinterest, Evernote. All the faves.

09.58 - So, what are we thinking is going to be the big thing today people? I'm thinking odds of: evens on iOS 8, 2/1 on OS X Yosemite and 8/1 on an iWatch.

And 100/1 that Dre is named the new Apple CEO.


Lights are down - game time

09.55 - #liveblogupdate Nothing is really happening. I'm trying to generate a Mexican wave, but people keep glaring at me for knocking over their laptops.

09.54 - Tried to start a debate about 'Which fish would you be?' with some people around me - they didn't seem to want to play. Probably because I did't specify fresh or sea water.

09.53 - 'The presentation will begin shortly'. 'Please switch devices to silent.' 'Please don't forget about Dre'.

Two of these phrases were just uttered over the speakers.

09.52 - Few people at the front just standing in front the stage chatting. Soaking in the atmosphere. Sensing the electricity in the air. Drinking it all down.

Or they've forgotten where they're sitting.

09.51 - Nobody around here is looking at the stage. They're all to busy liveblogging. Like me. This has gone a bit Inception.

09.49 - Bastille being played a very high volume right next to my head. Wonder if there's any way I can convince them to switch it to Basshunter.