WWDC 2014 Liveblog: All the latest from Apple's Keynote


10.44 - OS X Developer preview is available now, and the full (FREE) version is here in the fall. And there will be a summer beta for the public too!

10.42 - He just picked up the phone - nervy moments. 'How you doin'? This is Dre!'

Craig just called him Doctor. One drink if you're playing the game. Dre is having some developer love right now. He sounds super excited to start working for Apple... But there was no rapping.

10.41 - Craig just rejected a call from his Mom. Cold.


10.38 - The Mac can now accept calls, show messages and even use the Mac as a speakerphone. This works when the phone is in another part of the house too. Can dial the phone too!

The Mac is basically now very, very aware of what you're doing on the phone and uses its capabilities too. Eddy Cue just got karaoke shamed on a massive pic.


10.35 - Continuity is the next big buzzword. Want to use your Mac, iPhone or iPad? The transitions need to be as seamless as possible, apparently. Now Airdrop works across iOS and Mac! If you didn't know that wasn't in there, well, now you do.

Next up is Handoff - so your devices are aware of each other. So you can just swipe up from Mac or iPad and see the info from one device to another. Shown off with email, and the room went BANANAS.

10.32 - Showing how you can email an image from the web to a buddy and showing how great Markup works. Can use a magnifying glass to zoom in, and then use a track pad tp draw on the image with a fancy image - markup can work out when you're drawing an arrow and 'Apple-ises' it.


Does the same thing with a speech bubble. Apple knows how bad we are at sketching digitally.

10.31 - More on the new Safari design. The Safari search bar is trying to nab some juice from Google by working out suggestions on things you might be searching for - taking another page view from the search giant.

10.30 - Safari is more efficient now too, meaning longer battery life when doing things like streaming and is super fast too, apparently.

10.27 - The Favorites Bar is going (by default). It now lives in the URL as a tap, and you can subscribe to RSS links and recent messages from friends to make it easier to share links.

10.26 - Messages is here next - Maildrop is coming in. Instead of message bouncing back, your email can work it out and then encrypt any attachments and send them to the Mac separately - up to 5GB in size.


Markup lets you write all over your emails, and on PDFs too. You can sign documents on your trackpad or the iSight camera. Fiddly.

10.24 - ...iCloud Drive!

All docs are accessible inside a folder, meaning you can get content from iOS docs. All files from any sort, tags too, and they're synced automatically from any Macs.

It even works on Windows too.

10.21 - More on Spotlight - can look up people, launch apps, see contact info, messages from one another. Events and reminders are filtered in too - Craig has got some great banter about Sir Jony Ive's spoons.

Maps is included too - Yelp is included, can even type in a movie to see where it's playing, as well as content to stream from the iTunes store.

10.19 - Calendar has a new day view, info on the events as they come along. Messages getting new lok too - translucent sidebar and scrolling through the messages.