WWDC 2014 Liveblog: All the latest from Apple's Keynote

These allow you to monitor the information you're interested in - Nike Logo on stage now. Nike going to integrate HealthKit into Nike Plus.

11.07 - You can configure your iPad or iPhone before you even open the box, so IT workers won't need to flash software onto each device before it even gets sent out.

11.06 - Now we're talking Enterprise - 98% of the Fortune 500 uses iOS for Enterprise. That's an impressive stat.

11.05 - Next up: iCloud Drive. You can open documents from other apps, and those edits are saved right to original version. Plus access to docs on Mac and Windows.

11.04 - Craig is sending over some comedy video and audio - it's in danger of actually being funny. You can hear audio from Messages by just raising it to your ear... I bet that comes to calling as well in some way.

11.03 - This is Apple taking the fight to WhatsApp - and it looks like it's doing pretty well with it. If the next thing being said is 'This is available on Android' then the rest might as well go home.

11.00 - More control over whether you want to be in group iMessages, share location, see it on a map right inside Messages.

Apparently the most-used apps on an iPhone, this. Now Messages will let you choose Do Not Disturb on each thread and even the attachments in one portal for when you want to see what's been shared.


10.59 - Loads more languages added in, privacy is higher. Just hope the keys can recognise my fingers a little better too.

Continuity being chatted about now - but given we've already seen it on the Mac, this is just being glossed over.

10.58 - In iOS 8, Quicktype supports next word predictions like all the other phones on the market - anything being added in from Swiftkey here? Apple wouldn't be the first to license the tech.

10.56 - Mail is more intuitive than ever before, as is Spotlight, which lets you search for news, songs, restaurants, and movies. It's all drawing from the web as well, meaning it's not just checking through the phone any more.

Keyboard is updated! Quicktype!

10.52 - Messaging now lets you swipe a message down while you're writing to get back to your inbox - which makes it easier to look through your missives without having exit the app.


The ease with which you can write a message in the Notification Center looks great - plus you can Like Facebook posts too.

10.51 - Double tapping will give you access to not only the 'open' apps, but also recent people as well. Single gesture to mark as unread for your messages too.

10.50 - This is a 'giant release' apparently. Craig is coming back to talk about the end user features.

Builds on the design on iOS 7 - so more of the same, no revolution. But interactive notifications! You can now reply from the bar itself - finally. Calendar too - and even on the lockscreen.

10.49 - 'Today we're announcing iOS 8'.

10.47 - Apple showing that over 90% are on the latest release, which is compared of 9% of KitKat. Loads are using a version from four years ago.

Yes Tim, Android is fragmented. iOS is vertically integrated. We get it.

10.46 - Nearly half customers in China in last six months switched from Android to iPhone - although that's not surprising given how it's only been recently added officially into the region.

10.45 - Tim is back to talk about iOS 8. We've had over 100 million iPod touch units sold, 200 million iPads and half a billion iPhones. 130 million new customers who bought an iOS device in the last 12 months bought their first Apple device.